>  Closing the Competence Gap

​​​​The certification of Australian manufactured and imported fall protection products certified to Australian Standards ensures that the products themselves are fully fit for purpose. However, a "competence gap" can still exist between the product and the end user.

WAHA acknowledges that there remains a need​ to monitor and control the competence level of those advising on the selection of fall protection products to end users. Using a certified product in the wrong​ way or for the wrong application can be as dangerous as using an uncertified product.

Over the next few months the Technical Committee of WAHA will be in discussion with both the Distributor Category and the Training Category on how best to eliminate this "competence gap" - possibly through the use of competency based, certified training of those permitted to give advice on the selection, use, sale and maintenance of fall protection equipment throughout the distribution channels.

The Association sees the need to ensure that:

  • ​Products made available to the market are designed, tested and independently certified to Australian Standards.
  • Advice on product selection for specific applications is given by persons registered as competent to do so.
  • End users are trained by certified training organisations using approved fall protection training modules, on the selection use and maintenance of fall protection equipment.​

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