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The government has its standards, we have ours. Trust the best !

By offering comprehensive industrial safety products, DBI-SALA® and Protecta® help protect thousands of manufacturing and facility workers who work in a vast variety of industries. From milling to finishing, executing routine maintenance or facility inspections, we have the industrial safety equipment you need to help your workers stay safe.

Like our specialty Advanced™ confined space safety equipment, Nano-Lok™ self-retracting lifelines, ExoFit NEX™ harnesses, FORCE2™ lanyards, Lad-Saf™ ladder safety systems and innovative guardrail and netting solutions. If you don’t find the industrial safety products to suit your unique needs, we'll work with you to engineer the safety gear you need.

Our industrial safety service doesn’t end with the sale. We understand the general industry and your specialised fall protection safety needs. The highly trained professionals at Capital Safety educate, train and provide extensive long term support to ensure that all aspects of your fall protection program and industrial safety equipment are successful.
Recommended Products For General Industry Applications

Facility/Plant Maintenance​

(A) Anchorage Connectors

(B) Body Supports

(C) Connecting Components

  • Z10200909 FORCE2™ Single Tail Lanyard
  • Z10200909E FORCE2™ Single Tail Elasticated Lanyard
  • 3504450 Ultra-Lok™ Self Retracting Lifeline
  • 3101345​ Nano-Lok™ Twin Leg Self Retracting Lifeline
  • 3590570 Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline​

(D) Descent and Rescue

3M Fall Protection combines the products and expertise of DBI-SALA® and Protecta® with the technology and innovation of 3M to elevate safety to new heights and keep workers comfortable, confident and safe every time they climb. See our products and services at 3M.com/FallProtection.