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Technical Bulletins address the technical issues relating to Capital Safety products. Please check bulletins frequently, as updates are made on a regular basis.


Anchorages (A)

Energy Absorbers and Lanyards (EAL)

Fall Arrest Harnesses (FAH)

Hardware (HW)

Inspection Advisories (IA)

Miscellaneous (MISC)

Retrieval/Rescue Equipment (RET)

Rope Grabs (RG)

No. RG001AU - Use of Type 1 Fall Arrestors in Flat and Sloped Roof Applications
No. RG002AU Rev. A - Use of Protecta AC202 Cobra and AC400 Viper Automatic Rope
No. RG003AU Rev. C - Use of Type 1 Devices on Approved Vertical Lines

Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL)

No. SRL001AU Rev. A - Use of Self-Retracting Lifelines in Flat Roof Applications
No. SRL002AU Rev. A - Use of Self-Retracting Lifelines with In-Line Lanyards​
No. SRL003AU Rev. D - Servicing and Inspection of Self-Retracing Lifelines​
No. SRL004AU - Tag Lines for Self Retracting Lifelines
No. SRL005AU Rev. A - Use of Self-Retracting Lifelines on Drilling and Service Rigs​​
No. SRL006AU Rev. C - Inspection & Service Requirements for PROTECTA Rebel SRL's​​​​
No. SRL007AU - Inspection and Service Requirements for Nano-Lok SRL's

Vertical Lifelines (LAD)

No. LAD003AU - Type 1 Fall Arrestors Lad-Saf® Railok Vertical Safety Systems​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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