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Working At Capital Safety

What’s it like to work at Capital Safety? Do they have a culture that would fit for me? Why would I want to work there and why would I stay?

Culture Defined

The following points have been used by current and new employees to describe the Capital Safety culture:

  • "Un-pretentious" – leaders check their titles and egos at the door – you get to know them and they know you
  • Culture of innovation – new product releases monthly; continuous improvement ideas implementedFast-paced and agile – our products and solutions are highly customized requiring employees who thrive in an ever- changing environment
  • Global exposure – our growth values employees with global mindsets
  • Open and honest communication that is direct and timely

Employee Testimonials

Still not sure about Capital Safety? Why don’t we let some of our employees tell you themselves?

"I like that Capital Safety has high expectations of its employees. If an employee is willing to work hard and work consistently, that employee will do well at Capital Safety." - Russ – promoted from Production to Marketing.

"As an engineer, I appreciated the quality design of the products that CSG produces. There is a great company culture. I think we are all proud to work for a company that saves people’s lives. - Matt – Design Engineer

"The people, the passion and the persistence to exceed expectations define a culture that enables Capital Safety to be the industry leader in fall protection." - Lee – Master Scheduler

"The quality of the people that I would be working with attracted me. Capital Safety has a global reach and outlook so working with people in other parts of the world is also exciting. . I can make an impact here and I will know that it made a difference." Joe – IT Project Mgr

"I love the fact that we are saving a life by making our products. It makes me feel like I’m giving back to everyone I know who works at height." - Kristi – Production

Why Work Here?

What’s in it for me? Working at Capital Safety can meet your personal and professional needs:

  • You want accountability and visibility
  • You want opportunity to make a larger impact
  • Consistent double-digit company growth that creates career opportunities
  • You want to work for a global leader in their industry
  • You want a culture that inspires innovation
  • You desire to work in a "noble" industry that makes a difference in people’s lives
  • You want to work in a 4G environment:
    • Great industry
    • Great company
    • Great culture
    • Great jobs

Qualities of Successful Employees

What does it take to thrive at Capital Safety? Here’s a short, non-exhaustive list:

  • Innovative (thinkers)
  • Gets stuff done – helps out wherever/whenever needed (doers)
  • Collaborate well with others (ours)
  • Energized by change and flexible to meet customer needs
  • Comfortable making decisions on "best-available" information
  • Being a leader – at all levels of the organization


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