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Leading and Sharp Edge Applications

Capital Safety provides most extensive
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​​Capital Safety Provides Industry-Leading Fall Protection Products for Leading Edge, Sharp Edge Applications​​

Las Vegas – World of Concrete - Feb. 3, 2015 – Capital Safety, the global leader of fall protection and the home of the DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA® brands, announced today that it is offering products and educational services for "Leading Edge" and "Sharp Edge" applications.

  • Leading Edge work occurs when a worker uses a fall protection systems that is anchored at foot level behind him. As he moves away from the anchor point, he is exposed to a potential fall over the edge in front of him.
  • Sharp Edge applications involve a sharp edge, such as a steel bar, that is not rounded and has the potential to cut or sever lifelines if a worker falls.

"Many personal fall arrest systems rely on lifeline materials to perform in less than ideal conditions," said Craig Firl, North American Technical Manager, Capital Safety. "But unless the fall protection system is designed for applications where the lifeline could make contact with a sharp edge, the results could be catastrophic."

Product testing and certification organizations in the United States and around the world—including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Canadian Standards Association and European Conformity or "CE" marking—have been re-examining how lifelines in fall protection systems perform and are used when subjected to Sharp Edge and Leading Edge applications, concluding these two applications are unique in fall protection and involve increased risks due to the lifeline cutting, fraying or becoming otherwise compromised.

"While ANSI-compliant equipment is needed to help keep workers on leading and sharp edges safe, it's only effective if crews understand how to use it and why they need it," said Firl. "Capital Safety is committed to providing educational tools on our website to workers at height focusing on Leading and Sharp Edges."

New Standards Call for Different Equipment

Capital Safety has developed Leading and Sharp Edge products to comply with the latest ANSI standards.​ More information​ about Capital Safety's leading edge products can be found on the leading and sharp edge information page.

Trainings Available Now

Capital Safety offers a full range of standard and customized fall protection and industrial rescue courses at its training centers located around the world, as well as on-site training services designed around the unique characteristics of a work site. Fifteen courses are currently offered, and anyone who works at height or in confined space can register and benefit from them. Training not only helps keep workers safe, but also helps employers comply with OSHA, ANSI and other safety regulations within their industry. All Capital Safety trainers are former firefighters or military personnel with considerable hands-on safety, fall protection and rescue experience.

Visit Capital Safety's educational Leading Edge lan​ding page to learn more about leading and sharp edge work, related products and training available. 

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