>  Fall Protection Regulations for Utilities
Fall Protection Regulations for Utilities

​OSHA overhauls rules for electric
power generation

​Reprinted by permission of the publisher, Hurst Communications, from the Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Handbook, Vol. 10. Click ​here to order your copy today.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published updated rules and regulations in April 2014 that impact fall protection for the electrical utility industry. These new regulations, which replace rules dating back to the 1970s, have been in development since 2005 and will replace guidelines that were both out-of-date and inconsistent. OSHA estimates the new rules will prevent an additional 118 workplace injuries and 20 fatalities ea​ch year. ​ 

Workers who operate or maintain electric power generation equipment, or transmission or distribution lines will be affected by the new regulations. Additionally, these new regulations will affect construction workers who erect new power lines or equipment, as well as those who alternate, convert, or improve existing lines and equipment. There are two main fall protection related rules that are new or revised.

Craig Firl, North American Technical Manager for Capital Safety, outlines the two new and revised rules in, "Fall Protection Regulation For Utilities," in the Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Handbook. More information about all of the OSHA changes can be found in this infographic.
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