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We have more patents, engineers and industry innovations than any other fall protection manufacturer.
  • New design, economical, dependable and safe!
    The latest update to our Rebel™ SRL line involves a refreshed look for the 11 through 20 foot lengths. Along with an updated look, product enhancements have been made to increase value for our users. Models within the Rebel™ range are available from 6 ft. to 100 ft. and lifeline options include webbing or cable. With Rebel™ SRLs, you don’t have to compromise on safety.
  • Leading the way with a full-line of arc flash harnesses, lanyards and self retracting lifelines!
    Get in compliance by April 1 with the DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Arc Flash Harness. Arc Flash rated with Nomex®/Kevlar® fiber material and shoulder, back and leg comfort padding. With built-in lanyard keepers and a Tech-Lite™ stand-up PVC coated aluminum back D-ring, you will be assured freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential.
  • What You Need To Know When it Comes To Fall Protection
    When you live on the edge, there are everyday dangers you have to face. Is your current equipment up to the task? Does it protect you from trip hazards, extreme forces, limited fall clearances and sharp edges?
  • Built tough, worn in comfort!
    The newly-designed Delta™ Comfort Harnesses are as tough as those who wear them. These models incorporate many of the popular features of the original Delta™ in addition to built-in shoulder, back and leg comfort padding. The padding wraps around you and incorporates vent windows allowing direct air contact and better circulation cooling the body.
  • Economical, dependable, safe!
    Still using a lanyard? The 6 ft. Rebel™ SRL is the perfect way to upgrade. You get an economical fall protection solution that minimizes your fall clearance requirements. Don’t compromise on safety: maximize the performance of your crew, while ensuring full compliance.
  • The benefits of the Sealed-Blok™ SRL with FAST-Line™ keep getting better!
    Save time and money with FAST-Line™, it allows “in the field” replacement of the lifeline after a fall as part of the competent person recertification process with no need to send it back to the factory. Sealed-Blok™ SRL’s with FAST-Line™ manufactured after January 4, 2015 are eligible, units before this date can be certified for this treatment by an authorized service center. Conditions apply, click here for details.



Today's Fall Protection Harnesses Keep Evolving - ISHN October 2013

Today's generation of harnesses address all the key needs of the worker: comfort, ease of use, and durability. Features such as locking quick-connect buckles and innovative torso adjusters help eliminate the need to make adjustments during the day. State of the-art breathable mesh padding and lightweight aluminum components ensure worker comfort. Strategic use of fabrics and plastics in wear areas, plus moisture- and abrasion-resistant webbing help to increase the life of the harness and the overall satisfaction of the user. Click here for more.

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As the global leader in fall protection, Capital Safety has made it a priority to provide customers with top-of-the-line fall protection systems & fall arrest equipment. With more patents, engineers and industry innovations than any other fall protection equipment manufacturer, Capital Safety has the ability to provide quality fall arrest and rescue equipment.