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  • Now you can get comfort, convenience, upgraded features and a sleek, modern look— all at an entry-level price.
    These harnesses are enhanced with new features like softer and more robust hip padding. Stiff belt webbing. A fixed back D-ring. ANSI Z359.11-compliant, auto-resetting lanyard keepers. And a built-in easy-link personal SRL adapter.
  • Secure more tools!
    Create secure tool attachment points while using less tape. Our redesigned 3M™ DBI-SALA® Quick-Wrap Tape II helps deliver long-lasting tool attachment performance while requiring up to 40% less tape for connection points on tools up to 2 lbs. when compared to our previous generation tape. Learn more about how our new tape resists tears better, stretches further, installs easier, stays out of the way and reduces tool downtime.
  • A lightweight, tangle minimizing retractor for tools up to 5 lbs.
    Help keep tools up to 5 lbs. securely tethered the simple way. The 3M™ DBI-SALA® 5 lb. Tool Retractor features a lightweight, compact housing and a strong Dyneema® retracting line. This design helps reduce line twisting —minimizing tangling and tripping hazards —while reducing weight on workers’ belts and harnesses.
  • Unique design keeps the user's hand out of the way -- no more busting your knuckles!
    The Comfort Grip snap hook is ideal for those requiring direct connection to the anchorage structure such as scaffolding and towers. The 2-1/4" (57mm) gate opening is transverse load rated and allows safe tie off in multiple orientations to various structures directly. The unique design keeps the user's hand out of the way - no more busting your knuckles. We now offer the Comfort Grip snap hook on several of our Nano-Lok™ self-retracting lifelines as well as ShockWave™2 and EZ-Stop™ shock absorbing lanyards.
  • Designed for the demands of tie-back use, meeting the stringent ANSI standard.
    Nano-Lok™ Wrap Back is specifically designed for tie-back use often found in construction applications. It is ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and is ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. The extremely compact and lightweight design is virtually unnoticeable on your back, staying out of the worker’s way and making it ideal as a lanyard replacement. Both single and twin leg configurations are available suiting a wide range of applications.
  • Now with new softer, abrasion resistant Nylon/Kevlar® fiber webbing.
    This gear is ideal for personnel working at height near high-voltage electricity who need ASTM F887 arc flash rated equipment. The new webbing blend improves abrasion resistance and has a softer feel. In addition, these harneses include some of our popular features like the Revolver™ torso adjusters, auto-resetting lanyard keepers and comfort padding with no-tangle doning.
  • Everything you need to stop the drop.
    Protecting workers takes more than just keeping them from falling, their equipment also needs to be kept safe at height. Struck-by falling objects is a leading cause of injury for workers and the 3rd highest cause of death in the workplace. Our Fall Protection for Tools products make work environments safer and more productive by drastically reducing incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss.
  • Compact and lightweight anchor provides quick overhead tie-off point.
    Unique Drop-Thru Anchor is fast and safe, providing a 5,000 lb. overhead tie-off point. Simply drop the swiveling D-ring through a 1-1/2” to 1-3/4” dia. hole in concrete or steel meeting requirements in our user instructions and you’re ready to go. The anchor can be removed and simply re-installed in a new location for added jobsite flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership.



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Today's generation of harnesses address all the key needs of the worker: comfort, ease of use, and durability. Features such as locking quick-connect buckles and innovative torso adjusters help eliminate the need to make adjustments during the day. State of the-art breathable mesh padding and lightweight aluminum components ensure worker comfort. Strategic use of fabrics and plastics in wear areas, plus moisture- and abrasion-resistant webbing help to increase the life of the harness and the overall satisfaction of the user. Click here for more.

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