>  Capital Safety Highlights Fall Protection for Tools and Self-Rescue at 2015 NSC
Capital Safety NSC Expo 2015

​​​Leader in fall protection also highlights first look at ExoFit STRATA 

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. Sept. 28​, 2015 Capital Safety, a global leader in fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment and home of the DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA® brands, has announced that its team of safety experts will showcase products at the 2015 National Safety Council Congress & Expo Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, in Booth #2439, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The company will also offer a first look at its latest fall prevention and safety innovation, the DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA full-body safety body harness. Product demonstrations will be held at the Capital Safety booth and 3M™ booth, #2319. A 3M representative will be on-hand to discuss the recent acquisition, effective Aug. 3, 2015.

"As a leader in the industry it is our responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of fall protection and safety," says Kevin Coplan, Director, North America for Capital Safety. "Within the past year our team has made great strides in expanding our offering to support workers in every aspect of their job. We've incorporated dropped object prevention with the acquisition of Python Safety, we've merged with 3M, and we are partnering with top researchers to ensure that our equipment truly supports workers on and off the ledge."



The DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA is the first full-body safety harness designed and tested with data-driven, third-party research, resulting in a harness that is more comfortable and is cooler and lighter to wear. A first-of-its-kind, the LIFTech™ Load Distribution System takes the weight off workers' shoulders and redistributes it down to their hips, reducing forces on the shoulders up to 85 percent when compared to leading harnesses. PolarMesh padding keeps users' backs cooler with greater air flow.

"It's no surprise that, no matter the technology or the gadgetry we put in to a harness, the most comfortable harness is the one workers wear," says Tim Thompson, soft goods product manager at Capital Safety. "With Northwestern University's help we took a hard look at the reasons why workers don't wear safety harnesses at all times including weight, heat and restricted movement. The ExoFit STRATA helps workers perform their jobs more efficiently and comfortably the 99.9 percent of the time they're not falling. Strap on a STRATA and feel the difference."

In July 2015, Capital Safety partnered with ergonomics specialists from the Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics at Northwestern Health Sciences University to create data-driven research to further validate the need for greater innovation in harness development. The research looked at key worker complaints such as the load on the back and shoulders, limited range of motion, and body temperature while wearing the harness. The results confirmed that each of the first-of-a-kind innovations incorporated into the ExoFit STRATA directly addressed these issues in a measureable way.

DBI-SALA Python Safety Fall Protection for Tools

Effective Fall Protection for Tools® helps make working environments safer and more productive by drastically reducing incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, tool loss, and even death. Struck-by falling objects is considered among the "Fatal Four" by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The DBI-SALA range of Python Safety products and a dropped object prevention plan help prevent dropped tools and equipment. Python Safety products and experts will be available at the Capital Safety booth.

"Dropped object safety has come a long way from a rope tied to a tool and a friendly warning call to the ground below," said Mark Caldwell, Fall Protection for Tools director at Capital Safety. "As a part of Capital Safety and its team of fall protection innovators, we're expanding our mission to keep workers safe by providing workers with safety equipment that not only protects them on-the-job, but it also presents a solution. Fall protection equipment from the ExoFit STRATA harness to our Small Parts Pouch, is about merging functionality and safety."

Python Safety was acquired by Capital Safety in May 2015 to expand Python Safety's distribution channels and bring dropped object prevention to a larger customer base. Together the two brands are expanding the definition of "fall protection" to include falling workers and objects, identified as the two leading causes of injury and death on a construction site by OSHA.


The SELF+RSQ™ detachable self-rescue system easily connects to your current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension while putting fewer rescuers at risk. It features a patent-pending EZ-Link™ d-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue, and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use. In an effort to ensure reliable performance in the field, the SELF+RSQ has gone through rigorous testing. The sealed design allows the product to perform as expected after it has been soaked in water for two hours and frozen in temperatures of negative 40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, with 50- or 100-foot versions available, SELF+RSQ is the most flexible, adaptable self-rescue system ever created. SELF+RSQ is slated to launch in Winter 2015.​

3M Fall Protection combines the products and expertise of DBI-SALA® and Protecta® with the technology and innovation of 3M to elevate safety to new heights and keep workers comfortable, confident and safe every time they climb. See our products and services at 3M.com/FallProtection.