>  Infographic: OSHA Rule Update for Confined Space in Construction
confined space entry and confined space work in construction


​​On May 4, 2015, OSHA issued a final rule that applies to construction workers in confined spaces. This new rule is known as Subpart AA of part 1926 of the Code of Federal Regulations. 

OSHA estimates that the new rule will protect at least 800 construction workers per year from serious injuries and help reduce life-threatening hazards. A proposed rule for Construction Industry Confined Spaces was first published in 2007. The new rule differs from previous rules as the new rule requires employers to determine which types of spaces their workers are in, which hazards exist, what training is needed and how to rescue those workers if needed. This Construction Industry rule is similar to the existing rule for General Industry. 

The new rule applies to all construction employees who may be exposed to confined space hazards including those who work in sewers, manholes, crawl spaces, boilers, tanks and other spaces not intended for continuous occupancy. Work in confined spaces that are classified as permit required confined spaces have specific requirements that must be followed. 

Our technical services team has outlined the changes in this white paper and we've summarized in this visual infographic below.

Please review the entire OSHA regulations for complete details and requirements that apply to your applications. The white paper and infographic are intended as a Capital Safety summary only.​

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