>  Infographic: Can you provide prompt rescue

​​While it may seem like the exact opposite is true, rescue after a fall is actually a good problem to have. It means a worker was wearing his harness properly, was attached to an anchor​ and was utilizing his gear correctly. 

But what is "prompt" rescue? According to ANSI, the recommended goal for rescue subject contact is less than six minutes (ANSI Z359.4-6.1). Do you know if you can provide prompt rescue? Do you know what your rescue plan​ is?

In the infographic below, we outline some of the major questions you should be asking yourself—and should have an answer to.


More details on each of these tips can be found in, "Can You Provide Prompt Rescue," an article written by Jim Hutter, Senior Training Specialist at Capital Safety. Take action today, download your free copy of Capital Safety's rescue plan template now.

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