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​​​​Now through November 2016, training classes are available on select dates in the Chicago Metro in Orland Park

Get comprehensive training, with practical, hands-on experience meeting OSHA and ANSI standards. We are bringing select training classes to your backyard. Learn more below about Competent Person and Competent Person Trainer, Competent Industrial Rescuer, and Confined Space Entry and Rescue.

Classes are also available in our Colorado location. For more informaiton about availability, please contact our training team at us-training@capitalsafety.com. 

Competent Person
June 6-9 | August 14-18

Through our comprehensive lecture and hands-on engagement, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Fall hazard elimination and controls methods
  • Fall hazard surveys and fall protection procedures
  • Fall protection system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Fall protection rescue procedures
  • Detailed inspection equipment components and systems, and selection and use of non-certified anchorages

This class will also provide opportunity to address application-specific fall protection hazards and equipment use.


Take this class if you are identified by your employer as being responsible for conducting workplace assessment of fall hazards, managing your jobsite's fall protection program, including a rescue plan and related procedures, and are responsible for selecting fall protection equipment.

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Competent Person Trainer
June 6-9 | August 14-18

With an additional sixteen hours of training after the competent person training course, this course enables the attendee to have documented fall protection experience, knowledge, and training to conduct Competent or Authorized Person training within your company.​

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Competent Industrial Rescuer
April 26-27 | May 11-13 | June 1-2 | September 14-15 | November​ 1-2

This course introduces attendees to rescue methods and planning for rescue in the industrial applications. Through hands-on learnings, participants will leave knowing:

  • How to perform rescue system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • How to develop written fall protection rescue procedures
  • What the Hierarch of a Rescue means and specific techniques relevant to industrial rescue

This class will also provide information about the applicable fall protection and rescue regulations and outline the responsibilities of competent industrial rescuers.

Take this class if you are identified by your employer as a manager or immediate supervisor of authorized rescuers or individuals working at height, and if you supervise, implement, and monitor a managed fall protection rescue program.

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Confined Space Entry Supervisor/Entrant, Confined Space Entry Rescuer, Confined Space Entry Trainer
May 2-5 | June 20-24 | October 17-20

Much of the learnings from these class will come from hands-on engagement of varying principles of rescue, including:

  • Defining a confined space rescue and establishing a plan before entry occurs
  • Managing established rescue plans for confined spaces
  • Understanding the hazards and associated risks of confined space work and confined space rescue

This class will also provide the opportunity to conduct a non-entry rescue and an entry rescue and what type of equipment should be used for each situation.

Take this class if you are identified by your employer as being responsible for supervising or must access, work and/or perform rescue within confined spaces.

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Meet the Trainer

Dave Malcomson Orland Park Fall Protection Training InstructorDave Malcomson

Dave has over 20 years of emergency services experience and currently serves as a career firefighter in the Chicago suburbs, specializing in technical rescue. He is the director of the MABAS Division 3 Technical Rescue Team, comprised of 85 technicians from 18 northern suburb departments.


Questions about the Orland Fire Protection District training classes, please call us at 800.328.6146, option 8 for training, or email us at us-training@capitalsafety.com.

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