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Under​standing Sharp and Leading Edges​
Sharp Edge: A sharp edge is one ​​that, for practical purposes, is not rounded and has the potential to cut most types of lifelines. The ANSI sta​ndard for sharp edges, for example, involves testing the fall arrest device's lifeline over a piece o​f steel bar with a radius of no more than 0.005" (5 one thousands of an inch). If the lifeline is cut or severely damaged, the device fails the test and does not comply with ANSI. ​​ Leading Edge: To visualize a leading edge, imagine a worker installing steel decking on​ a new building. Now imagine the worker's fall protection system is anchored at foot level behind ​him.
As the worker moves out and away from the anchor point while installing th​e decking, the worker is exposed to a potential fall over the edge of the building. This can also be considered a leading edge and be a potential​ hazard. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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