>  Infographic: New OSHA Rules Effective April 1 For Utility Industry
OSHA April 1 Utility Standards Update

​​In April of 2014, OSHA introduced new rules for electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution and revised OSHA 1910.269 and OSHA 1926.954.

The new standard contains a significant number of rules dealing with lock-out, tag-out, tree trimming​, training, energy source control, PPE for Arc Flash and flame situations, enclosed spaces, fall arrest, fall restraint, wood-pole fall-restriction, and work positioning protection. The infographic below outlines the rules changes that impact fall protection standards. 


​For more information about each of these changes, please review our whitepaper, "Important OSHA Fall Protection Considerations for the Utility Industry." Stay current with Capital Safety, frequent our Safety Resources pages where we provide technical bulletins, articles, and safety notices.

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