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qualified person fall protection training



Professional engineers, designers and/or safety professionals or other key personnel that may be required to design and implement fall protection systems on site. This course will include design and engineering calculations, which will require a significant level of mathematic and physics background. It is recommended that participants have some form of design and/or engineering background.


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The Qualified Person training provides the fall protection knowledge necessary to design and put into place fall protection systems including anchor systems, horizontal systems and vertical systems.

While this is a very intensive program which deals with the engineering and design issues of fall protection it should be noted that it is not a structural engineering degree program which requires years of study and practice to complete. Structural building design necessary for building structural analysis, while discussed as a necessary component, is not taught as a component of the curriculum. We include a section on contracting necessary resources so that those individuals who are not structural engineers or who do not have those resources within their company can complete the design process.

  • ​Fall protection theory and practice
  • ​Development and implementation of fall protection plans and programs
  • ​Role of the Qualified Person
  • ​Hazard identification and assessment
  • ​Legislation and standards relevant to design
  • ​Due diligence and design liability
  • ​Understanding your limitations and choosing the right professionals
  • ​Clearance calculations
  • ​Swing fall
  • ​Vertical fall arrest systems, consideration and calculations Design requirements for single point anchorages
  • Vertical shock absorption
  • Horizontal fall arrest systems
  • Pre-engineered systems
  • Horizontal lifelines vs. horizontal beam and trolley
  • Sag and pre-tension
  • Calculation of anchorage requirements
  • Horizontal anchorage design considerations
  • Inline energy absorption
  • Beam and trolley design consideration​
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