>  The Fall Protection Code

​​​The 2016 revision of Z359.1 isn't just a few changes, here and there. It changes everything and warrants a new name: The Fall Protection Code.​​​

ANSI is a voluntary consensus standard that is intended to complement governmental regulations that specify mandatory requirements. Many are surprised to find out that despite it being a voluntary standard, it is "intended that every employer whose operations fall within the scope and purpose of the standard will adopt the guidelines and requirements that it details." The ANSI standard Z359.1 was birthed in 1992 and "provided guidance of the manufacture of fall protection​ equipment." 

Tina Angley, managing editor for Professional Safety, has provided a history and overview of the landmark 2016 revision in her article, "The New Fall Protection Code, ANSI/ASSE Z359.1" and we are reprinting it with permission. In addition to Tina providing a background of the standard and how we've gotten to 2016, she provides a breakdown of the codes elements and looks into the future. Read the article in full here.​

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