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wind energy competent rescuer trainer



This course provides training for individuals that work on wind turbines and want to be a Competent Rescuer and subsequently deliver Authorized Rescuer training to their employees. The prerequisite for this course is successful completion of the Wind Energy Competent Rescuer course.


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With the growing demand for height safety training within the wind energy markets, Capital Safety has developed a training program that prepares employers to conduct on-site rescue training to their employees.

This course is specifically designed for individuals who work at height on wind turbines and is a pass/fail program that incorporates extensive classroom and hands-on training. The first two days of this program is the Wind Energy Competent Rescuer course. The final two days are focused on adult learning, lesson plan development and teaching methods so that the attendee can effectively conduct Wind Energy Authorized Rescuer training.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive a certificate acknowledging they have met or exceeded OSHA and ANSI requirements as a Competent Rescuer and Authorized Rescuer Trainer.

  • Fall hazard elimination and controls methods
  • Applicable fall protection and rescue regulations
  • Assessment of fall hazards to determine rescue methods
  • The responsibilities of Competent and Authorized Rescuers
  • Detailed inspection and recording of rescue equipment components and systems
  • Rescue system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Development of written fall protection rescue plan and procedures
  • Adult Learning and presentation techniques
  • Developing lesson plans
  • Conducting safe rescue training
  • Developing practical rescue evaluation capabilities
  • Training documentation requirements and administration

Upon completion of the course, the attendee will be able to:​
  • Demonstrate all competencies from the Wind Energy Competent Rescuer course
  • Be able to prepare and present on-site the Wind Energy Authorized Rescuer course to their respective employees
  • Be in accordance with ANSI Z359.2- 2007 as a Competent Rescuer Trainer
  • Provide the necessary documentation, exams and certificate of completion for their students​​​​​​​

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