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We'll get you down safely in a hurry!
It's a scenario you don't want to think about, but know you need to consider. One of your crew has fallen. Fortunately, he was using 3M fall protection equipment and is uninjured— but is now hanging on the end of a cable hundreds of feet above the ground. Now what? ​
Thanks to 3M, not only keeping the worker safe, but getting him safely back on terra firma has never been easier with our rescue equipment. Need rescue gear such as an automatic ascender or descender to help solve the problem? We offer the most complete line of safe and effective rescue systems in the industry, trusted by safety engineers and site directors.​​

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Choose The Right Rescue and Descent

​Some rescue systems are easy to use for one application, while others require more skill but can be adapted for use in multiple situations. In general, automatic type descent devices require much less training than user controlled systems, but also are less adaptable to multiple tasks. Consider whether the device needs to be intuitive and instantly useable by anyone, or if specific personnel will be trained for rescue tasks for the jobsite.​

Product Lines

  • This escape device provides a quick, efficient means of evacuation from various elevated work surfaces such as utility, telecommunications, commercial construction, general industry, government and the military. It features an automatic, hands-free, controlled descent for ease of use, increased safety and minimized training.​

  • The Rollgliss™ R55​0 offers the choice of controlled descent rescue, evacuation or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. This fully automatic controlled descent device features a 2-3 ft. per/second (0.6-0.9 m) descent speed. Ideal for rescue and evacuation from heights up to 1,640 ft. (5​​00 m) for one user 310 lb. (140 kg) or 575 ft. (175​​ m) for two users totaling 620 lbs. (282 kg). Unique bidirectional design allows one end of the lifeline to descend while the other ascends, ready for another rescue.​

  • ​The Rollgliss™ R350 system provides efficient hauling, but more importantly, very controlled lowering (a finger and thumb are all that is required to hold a load). This system also allows you to change the hauling ratios on the fly with quick release pulleys, allowing custom rigging for different applications and jobsites.​

  • ​This system provides a safe, simple rescue system with features for raising, lowering and positioning during normal work activities. The RPD unit includes a speed sensing lock for added safety and allows you to manually lock off the device once you reach a work level. It’s ideal for servicing buildings, bridges and dams, as well as within confined spaces. It may be operated by the user or a second standby worker. Pre-rigged for quick and easy installation and use, no special tools, power source or extensive skills needed to operate.​

  • ​The Rollgliss™ Descent Device will get personnel down safely from high places when quick escape is vital. Either vertical or sloped descent models are available to provide complete versatility and flexibility for any job site or work environment. No power source or special skills or tools required and it can be used repeatedly without factory servicing after user inspection.​

  • ​Provides safe, automatic controlled descent from overhead cranes, towers, buildings or other heights. The system safely lowers the endangered worker, or workers, at a controlled rate of 3 ft. (0.9 m) per second. It is pre-rigged for quick and easy installs and use and requires no power source or special skills or tools to operate. The bidirectional design means one end of lifeline descends while the other ascends readying for another rescue.​

  • ​The Rollgliss™ Fisk Descender™ is a simple, effective descent control system designed for durability, thermal capacity and smooth flow. During descent, the operators can tie off the system and position themselves at a specific work level. It is also very reliable, requiring minimal maintenance and can be used in a variety of applications, including window washing, tower and turbine work.​

  • The system is simple, yet completely safe and efficient. It enables the rescuer to remove a person from danger without putting themselves at risk by descending to them. Kit is easily transported in backpack type bags and takes only a few minutes to set up and perform a safe rescue from above the victim.​

  • ​The Rollgliss™ ladder provides a way to assist rescue after a fall has occurred. It can be anchored to a structure and dropped down to the victim’s level, so they can climb either up or down to safety. The ladder can be used by any able-bodied victim not incapacitated by the fall.​

  • ​The Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue product line meets the needs of rescuers for rigging, encompassing everything from single descent systems to complicated flying foxes. The Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue Range compliments our already-established line of Industrial Rescue systems, including pre-rigged rescue kits like the Rollgliss™ R350, Rollgliss™ R500 and more.​​​

  • ​When you need to rapidly evacuate one or more of your crew from an elevated work area, you can trust the PRO™ Emergency Escape Device. It's high strength and corrosion-resistant materials assure it's built to last, plus it's simple to operate. A centrifugal regulator controls your crew member's descent by keeping the evacuation speed at approximately 4 ft. (1.2 m) per second. Once he or she has safely descended, a manual rewind handle or auto rewind retrieves the lifeline to allow another crew member to use it.​

What's New
  • Born in the mines, raised on drilling rigs - rescue products made for work, not play!
    The Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue product line meets the needs of rescuers for rigging, encompassing everything from single descent systems to complicated flying foxes. The Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue Range compliments our already-established line of Industrial Rescue systems.​​​
  • When every second counts, count on us!
    Don’t complicate a rescue – the Rollgliss™ R550 keeps things simple. It’s the lightest, most compact, easy to use design on the market. It offers the choice of rescue, evacuation, or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities.
3M Fall Protection combines the products and expertise of DBI-SALA® and Protecta® with the technology and innovation of 3M to elevate safety to new heights and keep workers comfortable, confident and safe every time they climb. See our products and services at 3M.com/FallProtection.