>  Infographic: Rethinking Productivity and Safety
Infographic ExoFit Strata Full Body Harness Rethinking Productivity and Safety

​​​​​​Better safety is great, but more technology can mean less mobility and comfort and added weight on your shoulders, leaving you feeling sore, fatigued and less productive by the end of the workday.

Heavy equipment that doesn't have ergonomic support can, over time, cause injuries from strain, repetitious movement, or fatigue. While attempts have been made to create a lighter safety harness, it hasn't been addressing the problem. The problem is all of the equipment workers have to carry around for 10-plus hours each day. 

This infographic outlines some of the major costs of injuries and wearing improper equipment or wearing it improperly, and the major complaints about safety harness. It also identifies what you should look for in a safety harness​ that will provide the ergonomic support and comfort you need to be productive and feel good at the end of the day.


Does your current harness match-up to what you need to redistribute the load to the base of your hips, allowing the weight to move off your shoulders? Learn more about the ExoFit STRATA line of full body harnesses today so you can lighten up.

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